Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Why are there standards?

I'm using the draft standard of RBAC until I can afford the $18 for the rbac standard pdf. I'm confused on a lot of unclear things and plain backwards contradictions in the standard draft, and thus I won't be putting out anything "stable" until I get the final standard.

Why do standards cost money anyway? Is this why many people don't follow them? Look at C compilers. Most do something weird, even though they get very close to C/C++ compliance. Maybe nobody wants to pay for factual information :P At any rate, it's copyright and up for download at a price, so I can't go grabbing it for free; that would be unethical. I use all free software. Still, I question the motives.

I might also note that my software won't interact with other software made to conform to the standard, so I don't have to follow the standard. However, it makes a good guideline, and I'd like to be true to form. i guess as long as it's well documented, I can prop it up on my own input; but that would feel somehow tainted. Oh well ;P We'll see what happens.

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